Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cleaned the Hen House

It is a job that I really hate. It's not so much that it smells (and it does smell) but all the bending makes my back sore. Actually, the ammonia wasn't so bad today. Possibly because it is autumn. It's much worse in the summer plus there are way more insects then too.

I'm sure that if I cleaned the litter out more frequently, it wouldn't be such an onerous chore . . . Well it's done now.Here are the girls by the covered wood pile. I think they want to go inside but that's not going to happen.Three of six bags of damp and poo riddled wood shavings ready to go to the dump.
The clean fresh bedding for the hens. It is going to make egg collection so much more pleasant and I am sure it will make egg laying nicer too.

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