Friday, August 29, 2008

Jam and Cheese

This morning we said goodbye to the most recent exchange student, a delightful young man from Figeac in the Midi-Pyrenees named Robin.

Apart from half a day in the middle of the week, it still hasn't stopped raining. It is typically Scottish weather and not what Robin was accustomed to.I really felt for the young lad on Tuesday. Not only was it still raining, but the temperature had dropped a bit and our friend who was used to a more Mediterranean climate was cold. We turned the heating on for him. The rest of us were roasting, but we didn't want our guest to be running back to his house with tales of northern grimness.
Robin and George in front of the Somerton Hotel in Lockerbie where the farewell party was held last night.

Robin appreciated the fact that though I am not fluent in French, I do know my food nouns and can speak menu-French. Apparently during Robin's first trip to Scotland two years ago he confused the words jam and ham when requesting items for his lunch from his previous host family. Consequently he was given a jam and cheese sandwich.

We were surprised to see Friday morning. It showed up well before we were ready for it. The week has been a happy blur. Robin was a model guest and we were delighted to be his hosts for the week.

Here at the house, I have made the decision to let the chickens out of their run for a while. Because of the heavy rain and more forecast for this weekend, I thought they deserved a break from the mud. The chicken run looks like The Somme. They can't be happy in that. I've let them out into the long grass that were formerly our lawns.

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