Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blogger Rescue

Though unplanned, the meeting of two bloggers was a delightful change to what would otherwise have been a very ordinary weekend of domestic tasks.

My friend Claude of Blogging in Paris and her friend Catherine were planning to do a tour of Hadrian's Wall and the north east of England. I knew they were coming over and had a rough idea of where they'd be during their visit and was hoping we'd get to meet up at some point.

I had e-mailed Claude just before she left Paris to remind her to contact me when she got to our shores because I was so keen to see her smiling face again. She called me and gave me her mobile phone (cell phone) number and we said that we'd meet up at some point.

I rang Claude on Friday evening because I was so excited about the prospect of our meeting up again. I'm glad I did. It turned out that they had been delighted with Whitby and that section of England but were NOT pleased with the accomodation they had just landed in near Haydon Bridge. Haydon Bridge is only about an hour's drive from our place and I said that the two women should leave there first thing in the morning and come over to us. The place must have been pretty bad because they actually agreed to this.

I met Claude and Catherine on a very rainy Saturday morning. Instead of going back to my house we went for coffee and on to Lindisfarne!

Sadly, due to a malfunction with the camera's storage card, I have lost ALL the photos I took over the weekend.

There were photos from Lindisfarne, nearby Bamburgh Castle, the delights of the village cream tea on Sunday and a nearby Tibetan Buddist Monestary. On Monday we went to Culzean Castle in South Ayrshire. I am gutted. I can only wait until Claude returns to Paris and I can call upon her to share her photos of our time together with me.

The Man of the Place was up in Oban diving which meant I really didn't have much on over last weekend. I was so happy that I made that phone call.

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