Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, This Isn't So Bad

When I was just a kid I didn't know how my life would turn out. I had though about all the things that might happen and then none of it did. I have ridden through some real crud and made some terrible decisions but then some unexpected and fabulous things have happened as well. I must say that I am quite pleased the way things are turning out (knocks on wood). 46 doesn't suck as bad as they said it would. It is kind of nice really.

Just to cheer you guy up who are at work when you could be outs
ide enjoying this lovely summer sun, here is a picture of me in about 1979.These first two photos were damaged in a fire but were deemed by me not to be damaged enough to throw out. I'm glad I've still got them.

Here is me earlier this month.
Middle boy Sean who spends some of his valuable time as a bartender as he works his way through higher education has been making me very yummy margaritas. I'm well on my way to having a lovely day.

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