Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Camera!

We are now the very careful owners of a new camera with a non-scratched lens. It is the same manufacturer as the old camera (Olympus) so many of the features and icons are the same as they are in the old camera.

Here are this morning's efforts:Dobos torta - My first attempt at the traditional Hungarian cake. The layers are uneven and it looks a bit amateurish, but boy oh boy it tastes nice! Recipe can be found here!

Here is what a slice of a commercially produced cakes looks like.This photo was taken with the old camera. I know you can't see the scratches in this picture, but I can. Trust me , they are there.

Now that I've looked at the commercial version more carefully, they have obviously not poured the molten sugar layer directly onto the cake but placed it on carefully after construction. I must investigate this method as it seems much tidier.

Julio in the car.

Behind Julio one can see the audio book I am currently listening to and the set of French language CDs. I am trying to brush up on my French these days. I want to progress from sounding like a caveman when in France (mostly nouns).

Big Red Bumble Bee on Centauria.

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