Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Magnificent Hungarian Mustache

Before I left for my trip to Budapest, I collected my Hungarian forints from a local travel agency and noticed straight away the Hungarian tendency for mustaches . I don't know if you readers know this, but I've always had a bit of a soft spot for a proper thick and bushy mustache.This king not only sports a good mustache, but he looks to have had a head of luxuriant curly hair too.

I walked by this statue a number of times while walking on Castle Hill. You must agree that he has a magnificent mustache. He reminds me of my father a little bit.
The Magyar must start early.

Some of the most spectacular mustaches were naturally found on the faces of national heroes and kings. The following mustaches grace a the bronze statues found in Hero Square. These are photos of the leaders of the seven original tribes, led by none other than Arpad the Great (not Attila the Hun as previously reported). They are proper hero types too. I swear they look like the Riders of Rohan! This one looks exactly like Bernard Hill (not a Hungarian). This one looks slightly French. Perhaps it's the hat.

This bronze bust was of a Head of Agriculture or famous Hungarian gardener - There were loads more busts and more mustaches but I had to start showing restraint at some point.
A friendly butcher in The Central Market noticed that I was admiring the stall and posed for me. The fact that he had grown a very nice mustache thrilled me just a little bit more.

Near our the home of our friends is a wonderful restaurant. It is wonderful for a number of reasons. It is close to their house, the food is excellent, the service is friendly and efficient and the owner (and our waiter both times we visited) has an excellent mustache.
I must not overlook the lovely mustache that graces the face of my friend!

It was all very nice for me to see all these examples of masculine facial hair but the mustache I love the most is on the face of my own dear husband. He started growing a very nice beard and mustache this winter. You'll never guess what The Man of the Place did while I was away. . . HE SHAVED! I was heartbroken!

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