Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home Life

I do love to travel, but I am always happy to be back at home again. I belong here.

We have had some lovely weather this week, lots of blue skies and warm dry days.Julio seeks the shade of one of the cars. He has been very busy catching shrews, not eating them and leaving the bodies in odd hiding places for us to find a few days later. George mowed the lawn on Sunday - He always tries to add an element of fun.

On Saturday morning a swallow was zipping around our back garden. They have returned to us! Let's hope they reinstate the old nests stuck to our house. I pray that they are successful nesters this year and raise loads of chicks.

One flew right in the kitchen door and into the front room. I had to get it before Julio the great hunter realized what was going on. I caught it quite easily and had The Man of the Place take a photo of this incredibly beautiful bird.
While I was holding the bird, I could feel its heart beat. The heat beat was going so fast, it felt like a buzz. While I held the swallow I realized that the poor thing was covered in bird lice. It really had a terrible infestation as some were crawling onto my hands in the moments I held the bird. I have some louse powder that I put on my chickens when they get avian lice. So before I released the bird and using very small amounts, I gave the delicate bird a dusting of louse powder. Lice on newly hatched chicks will weaken their condition and a very bad infestation could cause them to die.
Doesn't my new Hungarian tablecloth look so sunny on my dining table?A daisy filled detail.

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