Saturday, May 31, 2008

Curious Cows

Today, while I was pegging the laundry out on the clothesline, I felt I was being watched . . .

Did you notice how the camera went a bit odd next to the laundry I have hanging out? I like to think that even the digital camera was dazzled by the whiteness of my laundry. Next to Polly, one can see the big tarpaulin that has been set out to dry. Once it has dried out, we'll fold it and put it away.

It has been a warm, bright day. The Man of the Place and I have been pottering about getting little odd jobs done.

These guys remind me of neighbour kids coming round to see if I've done any baking.

I just watched this second clip and in addition to the grunty noises the cows are making, there is a black bird going bonkers up in the tree. Usually when a bird is making that much noise, a predator is too close for comfort. Julio must have been out and about.

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