Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Carlaverock Castle

Nothing weird happened to my camera. The missing photos from the weekend was due to 'operator error' again. I had taken the photos off the memory card myself and put them in a new and unmarked folder and then wiped my own memory of the action.One of the fun things we did on Saturday was to take Rick and Stephanie to Carlaverock Castle just outside Dumfries on our own lovely Solway Firth. Here is Rick pretending to throw his petite wife into the moat.

I found this video on YouTube which shows off this place very very well indeed.In the end Rick didn't toss Stephanie into the water.

This castle is one of our favourite places to take visitors. If anybody is up this way, I'd be happy to take you here. The castle is a wonderful building and it has a moat!
This is the crest of the Maxwell Family (Clan) above the impressive main door of the castle.

Rick and The Man of the Place are always deep in conversation. While on the walk the conversation deteriorated (with the help of George) into a wrestling match.Rick

A view of the earth works at the front of the castle. It is very difficult to storm a castle if the ground has big ditches in front even before you get to the moat. The castle was attacked by Edward I (Edward Longshanks) in 1300. The only thing under siege these days is the grass by these huge black slugs!

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