Saturday, April 19, 2008


(this photo is by Dean of Mostlymacro)

One of the delights of spring is the nest building behaviour of birds. This year is no exception. The bird boxes have all been cleaned out and are ready for new inhabitants. One bird box has yet to be nailed or tied back up in its spot, but I'll do that later on today if the wind dies down. It is howling a gale out there today. The laundry on the clothesline is drying so quickly today!This year we've got a small problem as a result of our new central heating system. The old chimney is no longer belching out smoke because we are not using our old multi-fuel stove to run our radiators. (see non-smoking chimney in photo above) Because this chimney is not being used any longer and is not covered by any wire mesh, a pair of jackdaws have decided that this dormant chimney will make a perfect spot to raise their family.
We'd really prefer them not to be in our chimney. They make noise (which doesn't bother me) and dislodge a lot of soot and drop sticks (which does bother me). A few of the sticks have found their way into the house. If we wanted to use the stove again the chimney wouldn't draw because it's clogged with a great big jackdaw nest! On top of that jackdaws are notorious raiders of nests. None of the songbirds that come into our garden would have safe nests. Our old stove The mess on the top of the stove. The mess underneath the stove.

Somebody is going to have to get up there and clear them out! I hope that somebody doesn't have to be me. I'm not a big fan of heights.

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