Sunday, April 27, 2008

End of April

Last week, I saw the first swallow! I was on the A75 between Annan and Dumfries (closer to Dumfries than Annan) and one flew across the road. I don't remember which day last week it was but it was the middle of the week sometime. I wonder if we'll get any returning here. There were no successful nests last year, so I'm worried that we won't have any.

The strike is on at the Grangemouth refinery and I say good luck to the workers. I hope they get what they're striking about.

Today, I sprayed a few weeds. I had to take the opportunity to get the weeds sprayed during this non-rainy and not very windy day. Actually, the day is quite beautiful. The Man of the Place spent some time fixing the clothesline pole that had started to lean at a Piza like angle. He dug out the pole, took a sledge hammer to the old concrete block to break it off, dug the hole deeper and reset the pole in new concrete. I am not to use the pole for at least four days to let the concrete set completely. In four days, I will already be in Budapest, so the pole is safe for at least a week.

There are some lovely flowers in bloom around the place at the moment. I took some time this afternoon to take some photos of them so that I could share them with you.

There are some wild native primroses in their full glory underneath the trees across the road from the house.

Polly peaking through the gate. Note the net that has been tacked onto the bottom of the gate. This prevents her from squeezing under the gate and onto the road.
These are my favourite daffodils that bloom right next to the mailbox.
Close up shot. These daffodils have the same pale yellow as the wild primroses and I just love them.

Close up of another daffodil.
Some little critter has made a hole.

Close up shot of the mysterious hole.



This is a bit of honesty as seen through our office window.

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