Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ok, Here We Go

Spring is starting to appear!

In the greenhouse, I'm getting little green shoots.This is the Eryngium or Sea Holly poking through the compost.
This is what it will look like when it is all grown up.

I get excited when things germinate and sprout.
"It worked! Look! New little plants!"

Those tiny things are the oriental poppies that are going to live on the south side of the house behind the lavender. They've got some more growing to do before that can happen. I wonder if they'll bloom this year. Naturally, I don't need 30 oriental poppies, I'll be selling or giving way the surplus.

Tray of lupin seedlings - You can see that thanks to the mice, there aren't many. I have another packet of lupin seeds that I will sow this weekend.
Another thing that will happen this weekend is that I will be planting out the sweet peas. The sweet pea plant is very frost hardy and will do just fine. These little guys are desperate to grow and are already restricted by the small pots.

I've pinched the main growth tip of all the sweet pea plants out. This will force the plants to be bushier. The bushier the vine = more flowers!

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