Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mother's Day - UK

The nice thing about Mother's Day is that I get two of them! I get the UK version of Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday with my two sons here in Scotland and then I get the US version later on in the spring because I also have a son in the US as well.My middle boy, Sean has come home for a visit this weekend. I can't tell you how nice it is to have him here! He only lives up in Peebles, but he's so busy with his course work, that he rarely has time to visit.Even Polly is thrilled that Sean is here even though I got Polly well after Sean left home. She just won't leave his side.

For years there has been a house on the way to the motorway from here with a camellia with a pink double blossom. It a such a beautiful shrub and it catches my eye every spring. Every year when I see this shrub in bloom I think that I would love to get one for my garden. Well, now I have one!

I am always the very first person up in the house, so I will never have breakfast in bed. I don't really like eating in bed anyway. When I got up this morning, I just pottered around until I started to hear signs of life. When the bleary eyed boys roused themselves. I was given a beautiful Mother's Day card and a pink camellia. I have always wanted a camellia. I've got just the spot for it too. They made me a mug of tea too. Thank you so much George!

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