Sunday, February 24, 2008

Re-Glazing the Greenhouse

I have used up my entire arsenal of swear words this afternoon. Those little "w" clips that are used to hold greenhouse glass in place are horrid things. They ping off in all directions when one is trying to get a pane of glass in place AND I've run out of them.

Despite it all, I got the worst of the work done. The worst of the job being the door to the little greenhouse. I had to get it bolted back together and the glass put in. It turns out that one pane of glass has to be about an inch and a half taller than the one that's in place. So, back to the glass place for the correct sized pane plus other glass and more of those hateful clips. I still have the little window vent in the roof left to replace as well as two newly discovered cracked panes.
Julio was funny. He's such a dopey cat. He ran headlong into one of the new panes with a loud clunk. When I looked up he was shaking his head and trying to look like he meant to do that. To be fair to the cat, the glass was very clean and clear. If I hadn't installed the glass there myself, I wouldn't have known it was there.See? The left side of the green bar has glass (notice the "w" clips) and the right side has no glass. No wonder Julio ran into it.

Running out of "w" clips marked the end of the greenhouse job so I decided to finally get those little flowering shrubs planted up. I have a bad habit of buying things that I'd like to have in the garden and then never actually get around to planting the things in the ground. The little plants then waste away and die in the pots, never fulfilling their potential. Not this year! No more of that sort of nonsense.

So the little flowering currant and mock orange that I bought at a discount store for £.99 and the lilac that I bought in the autumn are now in!
This is the Philadelphus or Mock Orange. It's right next to the chickens. It is so very small. I hope you can see it in the picture. The chickens were very helpful. I poked a few worms that I had dug up through the wires for them. If this shrub lives, it will have a wonderful perfume in the summer.

This is the Ribes or Flowering Currant. It is one of the first scented flowering shrubs of the spring. I'm afraid the plant got warm before planting and leaves started coming out. I hope that when we get a frost, the frost doesn't kill the little shrub. They're pretty hardy, so I'm quite hopeful.This is the lilac. I've put on the east side of the house, near our bedroom window. I just love the scent of lilac. Now that I look at the photo, I think it is way too close to the hedge. I'm going to move it further away from the hedge the next chance I get.

So, now the next thing to do on the list is to wash the greenhouses so that the old panes are no longer dirty and green. I'd like them to match the lovely the new glass. I'm going to wait for a nice warm dry day. Washing the greenhouse glass on any day other than a sunny day is a misery.

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