Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'll Just Pretend it is Summer

The good news is that the root beer that I made earlier in the week has worked! The root beer now has carbonation. George, Henry and I have been "testing" it. Now that it has reached the desired level of fizz, I am going to refrigerate this batch of root beer to stop the yeast. I don't have a refrigerator that will hold 17 litres (remember I made just over 20 litres). I am going to go and lay them down on the floor of the tool shed. It will be plenty cold out there without the risk of freezing and will be out of the way.

I took a photo of my second root beer float of the day. I couldn't stop to take photos the first time. I was no where near the place where I could be objective. I wish it had been hot outside so that this could have consumed this the correct atmosphere, but it's Scotland in February so I'll just pretend. The first taste of a root beer float after possibly decades of not having one has brought back a flood of memories. I could almost feel a hot summer afternoon. Pouring the root beer over the ice cream and watching it settle was like watching a pint of Guinness settle. Pure poetry.
It turns out that although my family likes root beer, they do not like root beer floats. How can this be? I just don't understand. I must say that I find it disheartening that none of my UK friends share my love of root beer and now this business with my own family not liking root beer floats. Root beer floats are wonderful! Let me tell you, I haven't had one in YEARS and I'm making up for lost time now. I have taken a photo of the foam on top. It is cold, sweet and light and caused me to close my eyes with pleasure when I had the first spoonful of it. See the layer of frozen root beer on the ice cream? That's my favourite part.
Root Beer Float
For this you need:

Vanilla ice cream
Root beer
a tall glass
a long spoon
an enthusiastic eater

Put a scoop or two of ice cream in the tall glass

Pour the root beer over the ice cream. The ice cream will bob to the surface of the root beer and float.

Don't plop the ice cream into an already poured glass of root beer, it's wrong and much messier.

Now go and sit somewhere comfortable and eat/drink your root beer float with your long spoon. ----------------------------------

The recipe for root beer is now up!

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