Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hmmm Cake!

One of my favourite cakes from way back is German Chocolate Cake. Nobody makes it anymore either. I love the rich coconut and pecan icing too. It's all good.

I usually make something for our regional meetings and for our big Christmas meeting and party tomorrow, I thought I'd bring along a cake from my past. I am sure nobody here has had it before.

I made one cake yesterday as a trial run. It turned out beautifully but the icing was stiffer than I'd like. The first cake gets to stay here at home.

The second cake was made this evening. I didn't cook the icing quite as long and it is much more spreadable.

This is the part where I say that it is a shame there isn't smell-o-web or you could get the aroma of this lovely cake.


By the way, it has been raining every single day for over a week and I am really quite weary of it. It is so muddy in our garden that the clogs aren't enough protection on my feet. The mud goes up and over the edge of the clogs. Eww! I have to wear wellies to go feed the chickens and collect the eggs.

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