Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Prodigal Hen

So, I'm getting ready for work this morning. You know the dash around the house morning routine. Where's my handbag? Where's my phone? Have you got enough lunch money?

The Man of the Place is in the front room and looks out the window and is promptly aghast at the size and number of molehills we now have in our lawn. They are really getting bad and we're going to have to do something to get the moles to move on. I see some movement in the front hedge. We almost always have pheasants in the front garden and at first that is what I think it is. It isn't a pheasant, it is my missing hen!!!
She is in the field in front of the house and she is looking for a way to get back through into our garden.

I slipped on my rubber clogs, grabbed a slice of bread and the camera and went out to rescue her.
The new red hens are quite tame and run to me when I do my "chick chick chick" call and this one walked right up to me, having a bit of bread helped. I was able to reach through the sheep wire and get her.

She must have somehow found herself on the other side of the hedge and fence and couldn't get back. She had been out there for three days!! We had a very hard frost on Sunday night and there are always foxes around. It is one lucky hen. I'm so pleased to have her back.

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