Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Barbies Our Selves

Like many gals my age, I used to have a bucket full of Barbies. In one of the moves or the fire that hit our house when I was about 14, they were lost. I had cast them aside for more grown up things long before I had noticed that they were no longer around.A few years ago, something struck me when I was in Toys R Us and I bought a new Barbie for myself. It was the rekindling of an old relationship.

I've never been interested in the dolls themselves so much as their fashions. My new dolls were the best dressed dolls I have ever owned. I have the means to get them any skirt, shoes or little trinket that catches my eye. I'm not interested in cars, swimming pools or houses, it is the clothes that get me.I love clipping the bits of string that are used to stitch the fashions to the thin printed cards. This pleasure is becoming rare. Mattel in it's wisdom has really cut back on selling Barbie fashions. If you want a great Barbie dress, you have to buy the doll. That is the reason I now have about six dolls. Because of this I have taken to buying non-regulation clothes for my dolls. I have a nice big bucket of them and loads of shoes, handbags and things like sunglasses.The most recent acquisition is this hunky new man. Ken seemed a bit insipid for my harem of beauties and the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan would do nicely for them. He's tall, handsome and exotic.
I must say that I am so much kinder to my dolls now. I don't cut their hair or snap their legs. I also am very careful that nobody writes on them with ballpoint pen.

In writing this, I have discovered that Ken's full name is Ken Carson. I never knew that! Has anybody else rekindled a relationship with your old toys?

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