Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy 39th Tom!

It's that time of year again! My brother's birthday is today. He is ONLY 39!This is his third birthday - I don't think he is wearing trousers. Tom used to be infamous for taking off his clothes back then, so much so that we called him Nature Boy. Sally is probably helping Tom to blow out the candles.

When I spoke to Tom earlier this week he tried unsuccessfully to complain about becoming 39. I'm afraid his complaints fell on deaf ears. A milestone in any kid's life, the first fish. I've showed this photo before, but I just love it so you can see it again. He is wearing his favourite Smokey Bear trousers. He had obviously grown out of the take-all-clothes-off stage by this point.

He was always such a sweet kid growing up. I miss him quite a bit and today I miss him terribly.
Tom and Sophie the cat. Sophie produced four kittens one year (I think she looks pregnant in that photo) The kittens were named Fred, Wilma, Band-aid and George. It was after the arrival of the kittens that my mother developed an allergy to cats. We said goodbye to Sophie and her children. She was the last pet cat that we had. I didn't get cats until I moved to another country.
If anybody is in Mt Vernon today, stop by Gary's Supermarket and wish Tom a happy birthday. He's got to work today and I'm sure he'd be grateful for the warm wishes.

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