Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I was out early this morning. I had an appointment up in Glenluce, near Stranraer at 8:30. It takes two hours to get there, so I left at six, giving myself the two hours needed to get there plus an extra thirty minutes for accidents, road works, cattle movements and asshole drivers.
I always like the drive up the west coast of Scotland. I know the west coast gets prettier once you get passed the River Clyde (Glasgow and environs) but that's out of my territory.

It was partly sunny and pleasant when I left. Actually, it was dark, but I could see that it would be partly sunny and pleasant once the sun came up. By the time I got to Glenluce the weather had gone back to low cloud and drizzle. It stayed that way until I got near the house at the end of the day. It is now back to blue skies.

If I started carrying the camera around with me everywhere I go, I run the risk of losing it or causing people to wonder why I take a camera to work but I really wanted the camera with me again today. I also wished for the binoculars.

After my appointment in Glenluce, I drove north to Girvan in Ayrshire. There were a lot of grey seals on rocks along the coast. There were also loads and loads, I mean hundreds of shore birds. There were cormorants, shags, curlews, oyster catchers, swans, eider ducks and many different flavours of gulls to name a few. Incidentally none of the swans were this year's cygnets, they were all adult swans. Perhaps they are last year's babies and haven't mated up yet.
After stopping in Girvan to see some more doctors, I had to go further north and meet up with some colleagues before driving home. North of Girvan on the A75 you pass over the River Doon. Across the river is the new modern bridge. The new bridge is the perfect viewing platform to see the Auld Brig o' Doon. Brig being the Scots word for bridge. I thought I could here the pipes calling . . . .

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