Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Polly our dog is not allowed on furniture.

We know that when we're not at home, she sneaks up there. I find stray dog hairs and sometimes there is a tell-tale warm spot. Lately she's been getting bolder as she'll wait until we're almost in the room before she jumps down. Today, she didn't even bother to get off the furniture when our house guest, Kyle (one of George's friends from the village) was in the room. I think she realized that Kyle wasn't a family member and therefore wouldn't tell her to get off the sofa (no authority in this house).

Kyle came and asked me if the dog was allowed on the furniture. I said that she most certainly wasn't allowed. He then said that Polly was sleeping on the sofa with one of the cats. Aww!

I knew that if I went into the room, Polly would jump off the sofa before I got in there to take a picture, so I set up the camera and had Kyle take the photo of the two pets.

This is what he got:

She was totally busted! I must admit, they do look cute sleeping together.

It is so nice to have pets that get along. It makes life SO much easier. Our other cats HATED dogs and didn't approve of their existence. These cats don't mind at all. Polly, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn't supposed to like cats, but she actually likes these cats. When they first arrived, she could be found washing them and trying to carry them around.

I had to do it though. I went into the front room and ordered Polly OFF the furniture and sent her to her crate. Man! She can do a very good pathetic look when she wants to. The look she gave me made me feel like the biggest dog hater in the world.

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