Saturday, July 07, 2007

We're here on the island. We landed at about 3:30 pm local time. The smell of the air was so evocative. It said "holiday" to me.

The sky was clear with just a few wisps of cloud and the weather was warm. That makes a dramatic change from the weather we left. It had been raining for days when we loaded the car up in Scotland to make the journey to the airport. As it was night, and raining, I completely forgot about sunglasses. I didn't remember them until we were at Skiathos Airport and the sun dazzled my eyes. (sigh) I got some clip on shades instead of regular sunglasses. I can't really see without my specs and wasn't going to wear off the rack non-prescription lenses. These clip on things aren't the normal sad old clip ons that flip up. They're actuall quite stylish.

We are staying at the Roulla Apartments in Skiathos. After the nightmare of a guesthouse in Dublin last weekend, this place was a delightful surprise. The room was small but spotless. Everthing is in perfect working order. The pool is clean and in good repair and there is a pool bar that serves food! Woo hoo!

The residents of Skiathos are always so friendly and welcoming. A few people have recognised us from previous holidays and gave us big hugs.

It is now just before 1 pm and we have just finished our first dive of the holiday. As young George and I haven't been diving in almost a year, we didn't take the camera along with us this time. We had a relaxing dive and our pal Theo pointed out an ancient (and intact!) Greek amphora. If we dive there again, I'll get a photo to show you all.

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