Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Clothes Line

When we started construction on the grand extension to Whitelees Cottage, the sheds that supported my old clothesline were taken down. With it went my clothesline. I didn't get another one until a few weeks ago. I was without a clothesline for three years! I have been using the tumble drier.
I finally got tired and disgusted enough that I went myself to the builders yard and purchased two new clothesline poles. They're really long! The ends of these poles had to go out the window of my car for the short journey back out to our place. A few weeks later when there was some cement being mixed up for the new gate posts, the new poles for my clothesline were set in cement as well.
I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have something as simple as a clothes line again.
I have been putting all the clothes out on the line, even the underwear (to the horror and embarrassment of the resident teenager). Nobody but us and some cows are going to see it drying on the line. Sheets and pajamas that have been washed and then dried outside on the line is one of the best smells on the face of this earth. It is right up there with a freshly washed baby's head. I think I sleep better with line dried sheets on the bed. Its like having the windows open but without all the sneezing and insects.
Fabric softener is not something I ever buy. I don't mind if my towels are soft. In fact, I prefer them to be not soft. Towels seem less absorbent when they're too soft. Give me a stiff line dried bath towel any day. When drying off with one of those babies, you know you're getting dried and possibly exfoliated as well.
Perhaps we are reducing our carbon footprint by going back to using the clothesline instead of the tumble drier. I for one am counting on the electricity bill dropping. Now, if I can just train the aforementioned teenager to stop turning the bathroom lights on during the middle of the day just to go for a pee and then never turning them off again, another drop in the ocean will have been made.
The Man of the Place worked very hard in the garden today. Whilst edging the front lawn and braving the hidden stinging nettles, this little critter was discovered. A very young common newt. It has probably wandered from his/her birthplace in our pond. It was quite tiny, about two inches in length with a very orange belly. I put it back near the pond. The other creature that was found was a very spotty and jumpy frog (no photo, sorry). I love all the creatures that we uncover in our little garden.

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