Monday, April 09, 2007

New Editions!

Pets sure do come and go around here. We're still keeping an eye out for Miles Davis, but I suspect that some mama fox has had him.
They haven't been given names. Brother and sister kittens that were born on the 22nd of February have arrived at Whitelees.

The female kitten is on the left (lots of white on her face). The male kitten is on the right.

The boy kitten. "I is so seepy"
The girl kitten. She has amazing tabby markings. The markings are almost tiger like.
Fun under the chair legs.

The female kitten on the shoulder of The Man of the Place. The male kitten is in his lap. Nap time.
The reason we wanted cats from the same litter is that they'll be friends.
On a more serious note: My mother is ferociously allergic to cats. If she or any other cat allergic visitor to Whitelees are expected, these fluffy cats will be put in a cattery (posh cat hotel) and all cat allergens removed from the house. The cats will remain at the cattery until the allergic guest have departed.
What would you guys name brother and sister kittens?


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Humphrey and Ingrid

Betty said...

I would probably name them Aah and Choo. I'm deathly allergic, too.

Carol said...

Beatrix and Bertram Potter

Peggy said...




Thanks for the suggestions. I'll put those names forward to the panel.

Mrs K said...

Smiles and Daisy

Near enough to the rabbit, who has gone walkabout, name to remember him by and smile.

Tink said...

Possible names:
Snicker and Doodle
Kit and Kat

Anonymous said...

c'mon, fess up. you hafta redo the name suggestions.

xo, ma

Claude said...

Incredibly cute, the two of them!