Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We've Got the Boy Back

He's home from his epic week long trip to Pila in the Aosta vally, Italy.
This shot is overexposed, but you can see George plainly in the very centre of the photo with his arms crossed.
George is full of enthusiasm for the new sport he has learned, insisting that next winter we are to all go for a skiing holiday to The Alps. I don't want to break it to him that a skiing holiday is a bit more than we can afford, but it would be fun to think about. I love skiing.
I picked him up just before five on Sunday evening. He was so tired. We managed to keep him up through dinner. I fixed his favourite desert, apple crumble. Henry drew George a bath and when he hit the pillow, he was knocked out by the concussion of his head hitting the pillow.
We let him sleep through and miss school on Monday. He was too tired and would have been impossible. No knowledge would have sunk in on Monday. Sleep deprivation blocks knowledge receptors. George actually slept through until 2pm! He phoned us at work when he finally emerged from his bed.

The Mont Blanc tunnel was blocked on Saturday due to a landslip on the French side. This meant that they had to get to Calais via a different route. George's bus went through a corner of Switzerland. The kid now has a country on his list that neither of his parents have been to. Lucky git!
The house has stopped being quite so tidy and quiet. I'm glad to have him home.


Claude said...

It IS nice to have them back, isn't it?
I bet half the kids werent't at school on Monday ;)h

Joy Des Jardins said...

I know you're glad to have George back....I bet he had a lot to tell you about. What a great time for him to share with you.

Jay said...

I bet he had the greatest time ever. I love the way you guys encourage him to be so adventurous. Deep sea diving and snowboarding. Two really fun sports.

susan said...

It must be so nice to have your baby back. He's going to remember this trip for the rest of his life.

Xtreme English said...

What a great snooze he must have had!..lots of time to digest his experiences internally. How much did he grow over there? Bet he's added an inch or two....

Betty said...

The look like they're having a fine time. I know you're glad he's back, though.

Kell said...

Glad he's back and had a good time. It looks like a blast!

Jean said...

Pleased to hear your son is safely home-our 13 year old daughter is away on a school History/French trip to Normandy at present.
They left college in Teignmouth/Devon at 4am on Monday morning to catch the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen and are due back tomorrow (friday)at 1.30am and are then expected in at college the same day!!!
As well as visiting the Bayeux Tapestry they are visiting Omaha Beach and cemeteries,Pegasus Bridge and Arromanches-landing beaches.My father in law landed as a 19 year old soldier in that area 6 days after D-Day-he is still very much affected by his war time experiences.

Peggy said...

Claude - Some kids were there on Monday. I was going to make him go but his father has a softer heart than me.

Joy - We didn't get much out of him the first night, he was too tired.

Jay - He did have a great time. We are kind of adventurous, aren't we?

Susan - He will remember it and it IS nice to have him back.

Extreme - Ma, he's no taller at all!

Betty - Not one of the kids said that the trip was not worth it.

Kell - I'm just glad there was no homesickness. He's pretty confident.

Jean - We've been to that part of Normandy on family holidays. Your daughter will have a great time! If your father is still with us, they can have something to talk about. At the very least, she can picture his stories more accurately.