Sunday, February 18, 2007

Glorious Day

We had a real gift of a day. I celebrated by taking the dog and two thirteen year old boys on my favourite dog walk. It was a bit muddier than I'd like, but gorgeous just the same. It was sunny, and wind-free. My good old purple fleece was a bit too much for me by the end of the walk.

I noticed that there were many more deer tracks in the mud than the last time I was up there.

In the shady spots, the puddles had a thin layer of ice on them. The boys discovered that if you lifted the ice carefully, you had a great flat sheet of what looks like glass. Punching, kicking and head butting this ice kept them amused for as long as there was puddle ice to harvest.

Polly ran herself silly. She is now sound asleep. It's funny how energetic dogs are much less obnoxious after you've taken them on a nice long walk.

I know that winter isn't over yet. We can still get a big dump of snow at any time between now and the middle of March. Even so, today felt like spring is on its way.

We were out of potatoes here at the house, so I went along to my old farmer friend Jackie. He and his brother-in-law Winston sell potatoes and fresh eggs. I bought a HUGE 25 kilo (approx. 55 lbs) sack of potatoes for £5. I fear that I have purchased too many. I'll have to share them out with my neighbours or they'll sprout arms before I can use them all. I must say that they make the whitest and fluffiest mashed potatoes. Jackie and Winston raise a few hill cattle as well as a crop of potatoes and sell their spuds to local chip shops.
While I was there getting my potatoes, I decided that I'd get some eggs as well. My chickens aren't laying yet and I may cull them and get better layers. I was invited to stay for a cup of tea. Jackie had been baking and there were some really lovely fairy cakes (cupcakes) and an apple pie to go with tea. What a lovely way to shop!
If anybody runs out of potatoes in the next week or so, please stop by. I've got loads!


J-Funk said...

I could use some of those potatoes! We are going to make a super-yummy-delicious shrimp and potatoe baked dish tonight that is on my recipe blog at

Good luck doling out all those potatoes, maybe you'll make some new potatoe-friends!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Nothing like locally grown potatoes! I've noticed recently that where our supermarkets used to sell 10lb bags of potatoes, now you can't find a 10lb bag anywhere, they sell 7lb bags FOR THE SAME PRICE! Something's not quite right here!

Patsy said...

I just love your site. You have such interesting things that you talk about in such a wonderful way. The deer and your neighbors with their potatoes. How did you get that big bag of potatoes home. I thought you were out walking?

Jeanette said...

I bet it was nice to get out for a walk with dog,and collect some fresh produce on the way home.

Anonymous said...

nowt like homegrown spuds, fresh-laid eggs, and homemade fairy cakes with your tea, not to mention the fresh puddle ice!! so very glad you had a sunny, windless day on which to enjoy all of that. we had sun and snow flurries, which was wonderful, too.

xo, ma

Peggy said...

J-Funk - potato friends, interesting thought!

ex- That's not right! I recommend getting some potato farmer neighbours.

Patsy - Perhaps I wasn't very clear. Took walk, went home THEN went to get potatoes. I can't lug 55 lbs of potatoes home unaided.

jeanette - It was nice to get out.

Ma - You would have loved the walk.

Jay said...

What a great day. It's almost like I would imagine life "back in the day" being. Everything so homey and neighborly and all that great stuff.

susan said...

It sounds as though your day was nearly magical. I can't help but be entranced with "fairy cakes" as opposed to calling them cupcakes. I really love that name.

Tink said...

Mmmm. You had me at "Fairy Cakes."

Joy Des Jardins said...

Now that really was a nice day Peggy. I'm anxious to have one of those around here...after all the snow melts. It's actually kind of warm today...42 degress. Believe me that's warm compared to what we've been getting.

I'm a potato freak! I'd take some of them off your hands...if I lived nearby. Good luck using all your spuds up.

Betty said...

Mashed potatoes, Mmmmmmm. Yummy.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Peggy, I did'nt realise the weather up there could be so good at this time of year.We in Devon have the first signs of spring,mind winter will probably come back to kick our butts.keep up the good work.

Patsy said...

Peggy, my url didn't like with my name so am adding it to this comment for you.

Kell said...

Oh, I wish I was closer! I would love some of those potatoes! And eggs--I love farm-fresh eggs.

Your walk sounds wonderful. We've finally had beautiful weather, too, so I'm out and enjoying it before the last snow we'll probably have in March.