Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What about the garden?

I bet you were wondering when or if I'd ever get around to mentioning the garden. We're not under snow like my family and friends back in the US. However, we did have a lot of ice this morning. Our drive was a slippery sheet of ice and it made for driving out more exciting than it usually is.
Well, I haven't actually been in the garden to do any gardening for some considerable time. There are probably a few jobs I could do, but it is awfully soggy out there. Hell, even the birds are making muddy bits in the lawn around the bird feeders. If bird feet can do that much damage, think of what my clod hoppers would do to the grass.

The only thing I've done lately is to pick up broken glass from the storm that hit us on New Year's Eve. That's it.

Contemplation of the growing season is the only other thing I can do. So, mug of tea in hand, I am going to sit by the fire and dream of all the things I can do outside in the herbaceous borders once it is dry enough to dig. Seed catalogues help so much when planning hits a snag. The new stuff coming out in the Thompson & Morgan catalogue always look so wonderful. Those F1 hybrids always do so well.

I imagine my lovely garden with its neat rows, sweet smelling flowers and delicious vegetables and I can't wait for spring. (that's a photo from last spring when I was planting cabbages)


claude said...

If I had a garden, I am so lazy that I would enjoy doing nothing.
Sitting with a cup of tea just sounds right!

Jay said...

I think sitting with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace is more fun than working in the garden. Although the garden may be more rewarding. I've never had a garden though. But, I wondered how much you had to do during the winter to prepare for the garden.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love gardens Peggy...but I don't think I'd be so great at maintaining them. They are a lot of work; but not if you truly enjoy them. Good luck with yours.

Alan G said...

I'm like you when it comes to the catalogue Peggy...

I get a couple of flower and garden catalogues and really enjoy looking thorough them. Besides the enjoyment I usually get a bit of education also.

A few years back, after I would make my flower selections from the catalogues I would order the seeds. Then I had a small spare bedroom where I had installed four 'floor-to-ceiling' shelves along with flourescent gro-lites under each shelf. I would then plant and grow my seedlings and when Spring hit I was ready to go. I had flowers everywhere and it was such an enjoyment to watch them grow and get those first couple of blooms.

Everyday when I would come home from work one of the first things I would do is go check all my trays to see if I had any newborns.