Monday, January 29, 2007

Festival of Pies!

We had a house full on Sunday. Not only was Gordon (neighbour kid) here, but my middle boy Sean, the permanent student and his girlfriend Laura were here for lunch. Sean and Laura were here not only to have Sunday lunch with us, but they were taking Henry's old car back with them. We have given it to Sean. It's an old Peugeot 306 with a diesel engine and if he keeps the maintenance up on it, it should last a few more years.

Sean has always been a great help in the kitchen. He not only kept me company, but was ace at chopping peppers and rolling out pastry for pies. Laura helped too, she peeled apples as she joined in the kitchen banter.

We had tamale pie and cornbread for lunch. Its a favourite that I haven't served up in a while.

For desert we had a lime pie, a cherry pie and an apple pie.

The lime pie was made because there were three limes on our little lime tree that needed to be picked. How can an entire family enjoy three teeny little limes, pick 'em and put 'em in a pie! I had to purchase three additional limes to have enough for a pie, but I did get to use all the Whitelees limes. They sure smelled great! I love limes!

I'll put all the recipes for these pies up on my recipe blog this evening when I've got a minute.


sally said...

Ooooo I love pie, and good thing you were fresh out of tequila. Key lime is my favorite, followed by cherry, then Dutch apple. My least favorite pie would be any sort of cream pie, like coconut cream pie. Makes me think of Ginger on Gilligan's island.

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Peggy said...

What about chocolate cream pie?? The Ambrosia Pie from Bishops was a cream pie!

BTW, I'm not out of tequila! What sort of house do you think I keep?

susan said...

Cream pies are the best!

I didn't think it got warm enough for citrus? I guess I was wrong. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Jay said...

I don't think I've ever had a lime pie. That could be very interesting.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I didn't know you could grow limes in chilly Scotland, you must have a greenhouse?
I'll be buying limes soon, going to make some lime marmalade. We made some last year but it's all gone, it was SOOOO GOOOOD!

gawilli said...

It sure would be cool to have a lime tree, or a fruit tree for that matter! Lime pie sounds interesting. I will have to check out the recipe! Cooking together is the best of all times. At Christmas Willi's kids came and we all took turns at the butcher block and the stove. Really good memories come from times like this!

Peggy said...

Susan, ex-shammickite and gawilli - We have a couple of small citrus trees in pots in the new wing of the house. One of them is a lime tree. :-)

claude said...

Wow! That must have been something. I don't think I've ever had lime pie. But with your production limes it must have been great.