Monday, December 04, 2006

Joyeux Anniversaire Maman!

Friday, December 1st was my mother's 70th birthday.

We woke to a golden morning. December started beautifully in Paris. Let's just hope that 70 years ago, the day dawned just as beautifully for my grandmother in Omaha. Between you and me, I can't think of two cities more different than Omaha and Paris.
This is the view out the front window. You can see how close we were to Sacre Coeur!

Mom got to do whatever she wanted even though she did keep asking us what we wanted to do.

She did get to sleep in a bit but then was woken with the traditional breakfast in bed. This time, breakfast came from a wonderful little patisserie from across the road. She got up and had breakfast at the table so she could enjoy THIS VIEW. We kept breakfast light because we knew that later on, we were going to be having a big birthday blow-out at lunch.
If anyone ever wants a perfect little flat in Paris, this is the one for you!

We then shuffled out of the house and up the road to the stairs leading to Sacre Coeur. Young and fit people among us, walked (ran) up the stairs. Those who didn't have to prove anything, took the funicular.

We trudged around the loftier portion of Montmartre seeing famous landmarks, walking past famous places, the vineyard, dodging dog mess on the pavements and then what do you know, it was time for lunch.
Lunch was at La Pomponette on Rue Lapic. Classic French cuisine! We ate and drank like kings. I could barely move after lunch. It was all I could do to waddle back to the flat for a little nap. Mom was given more of her birthday presents, one of which was a wonderful bottle of champagne from a co-worker in Washington. I'm so glad she shares!


wil said...


Paris must be the only major city in the world whose core does not consist if hi-rise monstrosities.

Peggy said...

Thanks Wil!

I love that there are no sky scrapers in Paris. The "scale" of the city is much more human. They don't need the tall buildings as they get their magnificence from the architecture and not height. (my own theory there)

The Bird Woman said...

I'm dribbling at the sight of those pastries!

Jay said...

That's it! I'm totally spending my next birthday in Paris.

And everyone's invited. hahaha

I'm mesmerized by the view.

sally said...

What inquiring minds want to know is what you had for this fabulous lunch?

Claude said...

Yes, Joyeux Anniversaire, Peggy's Mom! This time, there was no one to prevent you from photographing delicious pastries ;)
Great view from that flat! You have to keep the address.h

Bob said...

I love Paris, went there last year and hope to there again this year.

Xtreme English said...

great blog, sweetheart. we just got home at 7:20 p.m. or so, having missed our flight at 10:15 a.m. thanx to an accident on the RER line. but i shall be adding my pitiful photos to this saga on xtremeenglish once I get some sleep and work 8.5 hours tomorrow, too.

what did we have for lunch at a la pomponette?? everybody had something different. we mostly had the pris fixe with entree, plat, & dessert. Peggy had those octopus things (squid), beef cheeks with carrots & potatoes, a rutabagas souffle thingy, and wot? green beans--legumes du jour. cathy had fish soup, chicken with mushrooms in a cream sauce, scalloped potatoes, plus the rutabagas thing and green beans. i had filet of herring and potatoes with olive oil and hmm..thyme? then a veal chop w the legumes du jour. george, bless his heart, could not bear to eat any of his animal friends, so he made do with a big order of frites and legumes du jour. We had dessert, too: Peggy had creme brulee, Cathy had the cheese plate, and i had "coupe du pomponette"--prunes with a scoop of vanilla glacee, and don't was absolutely delicious. i had it last year, too. don't think george had any dessert. poor george...he got the short end of the stick in terms of dining except for saturday, when we found a falafel shop and he went to town on an impressive stack of chip & falafel sandwiches. what a swell fellow to give up stuffing his face with his animal pals!

thanks for the good wishes, claude. i'd have loved to meet you, but i figured peggy would enjoy a break so she could concentrate on having fun with you at your first live encounter. mebbe next time.

Tink said...

AMAZING. I especially love the foggy view of the E.Tower. *Happy Sigh* If only you could have packed me in your suitcase.