Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!!

George and I are leaving this afternoon to head to the Newcastle airport. There we will be taking an easyJet flight to Paris.

This is all in honour of my mother's 70th birthday.

I earned some bonus in the 3rd quarter of this year. With the extra windfall, I said to The Man of the Place that I'd like to visit my mom for her birthday. When I mentioned this to Mom, she said that she was thinking about going to Barcelona or Paris for the big event. Cool, a flight to Barcelona or Paris is quite a bit cheaper than to fly to Washington D.C.. It would have been even cheaper if I had booked the flights when I first looked them up. Way back then, they were £10.00. When I finally got around to booking them, they had gone up a by about £60. Never mind, I'd still go. There is enough after flights to pay for the oil tank we just bought. (Isn't being a grown up FUN?)
Mom asked if George could come along, and after a brief conversation with Henry, we decided that would be excellent. It could very well be that George's French is better than mine.
Mom was born in Omaha, Nebraska on the 1st of December 1936. When she was very small, the family moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Growing up on the frozen plains, Mom was always cold. She told me that one winter day, when she was at school, she gazed out the window to all the blowing snow and though to herself "you know, I don't have to live here when I grow up." That sustaining though helped her cope with all the Dakota winters that followed. It took a while for Mom to get outta the midwest but she got out.
I've left the midwest too, but not because of the winters. I really love snow. I left to follow my heart and it has led me to Scotland.
When we all meet up this evening it will be the start of a rollicking good time! Because George and I get in at about 9 tonight, we'll just go straight to Mom's favourite restaurant from the airport. We'll meet there and then go over to the apartment after dinner. A very civilized way to start the long weekend.
Friday is the day where Mom calls all the shots. Queen for the day! Saturday I have made plans to meet Claude from Blogging in Paris in the morning for coffee. I'm really looking forward to meeting her. I love her blog and I bet we'll get along well.
Claude and I have been trading e-mails back and forth about where to meet etc. . . . We're both planning to bring our cameras along, but I think Claude has the advantage in that she will be able to get back to her computer first to blog about it all.
So, I better finish my packing and get going.


Alan G said...

Well let me add my birthday wishes and say....

"Happy 70th Birthday Mom"

I Know you will have a great trip and am glad you and Claude will get to do a litte "meet & greet" also.

Jay said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands and she is always bragging about how cheap she can fly all over Europe on Easy Jet. When I tell her how much it costs to fly within the US she just laughs at me.

Can't wait to hear the trip report. Hope you have a great time.

sally said...

Happy Birthday Mom!! and I hope everyone has a swell time in Paree. What's the name of the "favorite restaurant"?

I seem to recall one particularly cold Iowa winter night (-20 and windy) as I was walking home I said, "This is going to be my LAST winter in Iowa". And it was.

Betty said...

Have a wonderful time. And, I hope your mom has a great birthday. Can't wait to read about your trip.

Joy said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom....what a great time you and George are in for. And, meeting up with terrific is that? Have fun Peggy...

Xtreme English said...

Thanks for the birthday blog, Peggy, and for the birthday greetings, all. Sally, the place where Peggy and George met us after arriving is Sancerre at 35 rue des Abbesses--just a very short walk from the apartment--and our favorite hangout where we go at night to eat their incomparable onion soup and drink their red wine before retiring. Lots of artists and actors hang out there, and many of them bring their dogs.

Chameleon said...

Many Happy Returns to your Mum and have a lovely time in Paris!

Kell said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

And have a wonderful time in Paris. I can't wait to hear about the trip!

Claude said...

Hear hear! Happy birthday to your Mom! As I'm writing this, I know that you are at the Louvre. Hope you don't queue too long ;)h