Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last Rose of Summer

These flowers would have looked nicer if the rain hadn't been so constant during the past week. I think they're still pretty.

I was home when George got home from school. I saw him coming up the road (now that the front hedge is trimmed we can see better), so Polly and I went out to meet him.
I don't think this kid realizes what a nice childhood he's having. Isn't that a beautiful road on which to walk home from the bus stop?

Here is what else is bringing a bit of colour to the Whitelees garden this week.


There are a few waterlogged petunias, but they're too weedy to photograph and really should be pulled and thrown in the compost bin.
Marigolds are still holding out too, just never took a photo of them though. Hardy buggers are marigolds. They'll hang in there until the first hard frost.


UKBob said...

Peggy what I lovely picture of the little boy walking, for me that says a lot about Scotland.

J-Funk said...

I also have a beautiful walk to work - I see downtown Seattle and the water and then walk past some beautiful gardens and big georgeous houses. I also had a beautiful walk to work in Minneapolis. I agree that it's a major life enhancement, having a beautiful walk like that.

Jay said...

It really is just all so beautiful. I hope George learns to appreciate growing up there.

Alan G said...

Guess the flowers are getting near their last "hurrah" now.

And indeed that is a beautful walk he gets to enjoy. Has a lot of time to think and get all excited about getting home and doing his homework! :)

sally said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! And it wasn't raining. My kids walk home from school each day too, but it's largely noise and traffic.

goldenlucyd said...

Peggy Dear,
How wonderful to have visits from you! Your site is so drop-dead fabulous I can't really imagine why you'd be interested in my primordial blog. But I'm honored and delighted.

You've no doubt heard of the theory of 6 degrees of separation. I think we may have that principle operating here. My daughter-in-law calls herself a Minnedak. Her family, on both sides, have been in Minnesota and North Dakota since the late 1800s. It is seldom she meets someone who doesn't know someone,..from that part of the country. It would be fun to see if the 6 degree rule would apply! It worked with Naomi in LA so who knows?!

Again, I'm so impressed by you---and this wonderful blog.

gawilli said...

I have a tropicana rose bush that was my moms. It has been here for as long as I remember. It grows very tall and leggy, no matter what I do, and it has the most beautiful round and tight blooms. It looks about the same as yours right now...but in the spring it will be the first to bloom!

David said...

The walk is so lovely. Lucky him. Lucky you.

saz said...

What a great photo of George walking home - my walk from the school bus to home was NOTHING like that!

We had one great huge downpour last week that rotted all my roses!