Friday, September 08, 2006

Short growing season

Last night there was no cloud. That combined with clear high pressure brought us the first frost. It was a very light frost but this means that I will have to pick all the remaining green beans no matter what their size and either give the beans away, freeze them or eat them. The corn will have to be picked too. The last time I looked, the kernels weren't nearly fat enough, but there might be some that are fit to eat.

This means that I can get the entire garden cleared off and covered in black plastic again. (weed suppression system) Tucked in and ready for the long wet winter.

Life in the north has a very short growing season.


saz said...

WHOA - you're getting your first frost? Amazing. Still warm here tho' the evenings are getting cool (not frosty).

Dogbait said...

Hi Peggy, dropped by since you did the same. Re your earlier post about the new Blogger, I created another account (but not a blog) in the old one just so I could post comments. I won't have a problem here as you have moved over. Look forward to reading about the goings-on in Scotland.