Friday, August 11, 2006

The Reason I Like Summer!

I mean, look at that. Pretty flowers. Vegetables. Warm weather. Its all here and it goes by too quickly. I can't believe it's the second week in August already. The cloudy sky is normal for us.

By the way, our French doors have arrived! Workmen are to arrive tomorrow to knock a hole in the walls - we have to get ready for the dust!

Now that the doors are in, I can see all the weeds in the front that I have been ignoring all summer. I was thinking that if you can't see them, they aren't there. Well, I can see them now. If it doesn't rain tomorrow . . . .

I was away this week. I was stuck in a hotel in the middle of England for work. I don't like being away from home. To be fair though, the company always puts us in very nice hotels with leisure facilities. It goes a long way to compensate us for being away from home.

As I was driving past Birmingham, I was going to stop by our favourite place and get a bunch of curry boxed up and bring it home. However, I took a wrong turn on the M6 motorway. I ended up on the M6 toll road and not the ordinary M6 that goes near the centre of Birmingham. The signs aren't very clear where the M6 splits and I made a mistake. Not really wanting to turn around, I just kept on driving north and home. I'll get double curry next time.

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saz said...

Peggy - The french doors are gorgeous. I love the dark wood frames - just looks elegant.