Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The blackberries or as they are sometimes called, brambles are ripening. Tonight we will have our first Bramble Crumble of the year. I love blackberries. They are the easiest wild fruit around here to pick. Wild raspberries are very small as are the wild strawberries. Brambles hold their big fat berries right out there for the picking.

It's nice that we're having them this year. We've been able to pick them for the past three or four years. Some years, there just isn't enough sunlight up here and the berries don't ripen before the first frosts hit. Once there has been a frost, you can forget it. The berries aren't worth picking. I have my favourite berry picking patches and I always get them cleaned out before anybody from the village makes their way up toward our place.
I have posted the recipe for Bramble Crumble on my recipe blog.


saz said...

that looks so good....bramble crumble sounds delicious.

susan said...

So...you put apples in with your crumble? Do you have a wonderful recipe you wouldn't mind sharing? Our brambles (considered and invasive weed here!) are heavy with fruit. I just love blackberries, I need to go get me some!

Peggy said...

I put the recipe on my recipe blog just this minute - I was going to do it, but I got distracted by other things (like my job) but its up there now.

I put apples in with the berries to help with texture and to stretch the fruit out if there have been greedy, berry eating thieves around. ;-)