Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bad mood

What, I ask is the point of it being spring if I'm too busy to enjoy it properly? Things are budding, the earth is coming back to life and I've got my nose to the grindstone. Winter is over, it has lost its teeth. This week that is wizzing by has been very wet but mild. I only notice the weather when I am feeding the chickens, walking the dog and running from building to car and then from car to building over and over again until it is Friday evening once again.

The summer vacation seems too far away and I've got too much stuff to do between now and then.

I am grateful however for the nature around the house. As I am dashing about being very busy and doing all these important things that demand my attention, I get distracted by a cloud of starlings in the field. There are so many of them sometimes that it sounds like roaring rapids. And earlier this week, we had that terrific squirrel.

I'd really rather sit at home tomorrow with mug after mug of tea and biscuits (cookies) and look out the window with my binoculars at the ready. Then if it isn't raining, I could take the bouncy puppy for a long walk.

Tomorrow its an early start. 4am! I've got to drive to Ardrossan and catch the ferry to Arran. Its a beautiful little island. There are seals that sit on the rocks near Brodick Bay. Last year there was a little seal pup amongst the big ones. There are eider ducks floating in the water too. I love their funny heads. I do like going to Arran. I just don't like the early start and the long day that I know it is going to be.

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