Monday, February 27, 2006

Here is what I did in the garden this week

NOTHING! Didn't tidy up the greenhouses, didn't finish picking up hedge trimmings, didn't kill and pluck those stupid surplus cockrels.

I did manage to sweet talk Michael (guy from our village) to give the front gates a temporary fix so that new dog can't get out when she's in the front garden. I also hauled some firewood from the front woodpile around to the back of the house. That is it. Doing my job, cooking and trailing after the puppy with armloads of kitchen roll is taking up all my time.

Its raining now - bit of hail too. I'm happy to have the fire going in the back room near the computer. I am also happy that we are not sheep farmers. Those poor slobs are out in this stuff. It's lambing season again.

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